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Some Updates!

Apologies on the delay everyone. We’re still working through a lot of changes. Life and Drama unfortunately go hand in hand too much of the time. We definitely have confirmation on DragonCon for this year and Necronomicon. Others did not work out, but we haven’t given up. Discord is still there but for now we’re not roleplaying on there, just chatting now and then. It is not really fair for those that can’t participate there or keep up with story.
Trust me, we have not yet given up on this!

Vampire 5.0… So Loremaster does not really like some of the changes to the new system. It makes it too hard for Vampires to interact with the other prodigals and there’s not a lot of information suggesting that they are going to update ALL the other prodigals. V:tM is their big product so they are focusing on that. So, in case its not clear, we are stating it here and in other places, that any After the Sun Sets Games will be ‘home brew’ variations on the older system.

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Ups and downs and some whiplash

We here at AtSSG have had some … things crop up recently, so our apologies if we got a bit quiet. There are a lot of things in motion. With this in mind, it does not look like we’re going to be running at Pax. There’s been a lot of confusion, so we’ve chosen to take the step back. It allows us a chance to develop the story a bit more. We are currently still encouraging RP on Discord but that might not last. It does tend to give more story to those on there, and while they aren’t getting xp, they will have more clues/material than someone who isn’t on Discord. We want all of our players to be invested when we are fully in play.

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Discord and Site Updates

Welcome to all those that have recently joined AtSSG on this journey. We’ve been updating the site since our DragonCon event and are running some roleplays on our Discord Server. Everyone is welcome to join us there! However, understand that in fairness to those that are not as comfortable playing in a text based environment, no XP is offered for roleplay, but still lots of fun!
There will be a new page for House Rules, and materials that relate to the time frame the World of Darkness games are run in. You can always reach out to the Loremaster and other Storytellers with questions. We’re looking at other conventions to run out, so if you know of any, please let us know! We’re also looking into locations in the Central Florida region for a monthly Larp that will be a different time/location that the convention larps but will still be historical.