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Some things to know about us for those that are new.

We are a group of Storytellers based out of Orlando Florida and formed this company to be able to run LARPs at Conventions again. Covid hit us hard starting out in 2019 and as the world gets the shot, we are looking at going forward with more Conventions in the South East US. Dragoncon is our main event and base of the Story for the World of Darkness game set in the 1100s at the end of the Viking Age. We are seeking other conventions and putting together a monthly game here in Orlando where more players can join in on the fun. The system for the World of Darkness LARP is the one of By Night Studios. The Isekai LARP was run is in another system based on the Anime 5E Game system. If you have any questions or would like to join us for future events and projects please contact us at

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