Ups and downs and some whiplash

We here at AtSSG have had some … things crop up recently, so our apologies if we got a bit quiet. There are a lot of things in motion. With this in mind, it does not look like we’re going to be running at Pax. There’s been a lot of confusion, so we’ve chosen to […]

Discord and Site Updates

Welcome to all those that have recently joined AtSSG on this journey. We’ve been updating the site since our DragonCon event and are running some roleplays on our Discord Server. Everyone is welcome to join us there! However, understand that in fairness to those that are not as comfortable playing in a text based environment, […]

What we want from LARPs

Many things come to mind about what anyone would want from a LARP game and what they expect.  Some see it as the same as sitting at a table with friends over a TTRPG, and the social outlet of gaming that so many of us really love.  Some see LARPs as a Cosplay outlet to […]

Are you new here?

Some things to know about us for those that are new. We are a group of Storytellers based out of Orlando Florida and formed this company to be able to run LARPs at Conventions again. Covid hit us hard starting out in 2019 and as the world gets the shot, we are looking at going […]

Hope all had a great time with us at Dragoncon

Dragoncon 2021, wow… So it all starts at 10am on Friday when we set up the table in Mart 1. The area is a pain to get around and parking is a bit, but once we were set it all goes well. With the table set up, we had players waiting to join in and […]

Message from Harkin

Ello, I is Harkin. Who are you? O, ok, nice ta meeting you. Yes Harkin is a Son of Cain. Hmm no Cain is not Harkin sire, his name is much harder for Harkin to say. No Ulfsdottir is Harkins sister not sire. Yes, Harkin is Odinson, as Harkin Sire was The All-High. No Harkin […]

Welcome to the countdown.

Dragoncon in Atlanta GA in just seven days. We the people of After the Sun Sets Games have come to answer your prayers. Thanks to Covid, we missed you all in 2020, and are biting at the throat to bring you back to the past with us. Back to the end of the Viking age […]

Dark night and Rainy Day

The date is by our reckoning September the 16th 1068 CE. Rain, far more rain than a good deal of time that came before. It was as if the sky looking down on the city of London and the greatest number of people within it since the Roman Legions were in full defense of the […]

So close I can feel the love.

So we are down to the two-week mark for Dragoncon, this time on the 2nd those of us from outside GA hope to be all checked in our hotels and out seeing the people.  Many of us have not seen each other in two years thanks to Covid.  I know I will miss many of […]

From madness to sanity

The Dragoncon 2021 game. It has been two years thanks to Covid that we have been away. So our LARP did have time to come up will things to improve our LARP from the 2019 game. It was a bit of anarchy in a good way and will have better things to help smooth out […]


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