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Ups and downs and some whiplash

We here at AtSSG have had some … things crop up recently, so our apologies if we got a bit quiet. There are a lot of things in motion. With this in mind, it does not look like we’re going to be running at Pax. There’s been a lot of confusion, so we’ve chosen to take the step back. It allows us a chance to develop the story a bit more. We are currently still encouraging RP on Discord but that might not last. It does tend to give more story to those on there, and while they aren’t getting xp, they will have more clues/material than someone who isn’t on Discord. We want all of our players to be invested when we are fully in play.

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Discord and Site Updates

Welcome to all those that have recently joined AtSSG on this journey. We’ve been updating the site since our DragonCon event and are running some roleplays on our Discord Server. Everyone is welcome to join us there! However, understand that in fairness to those that are not as comfortable playing in a text based environment, no XP is offered for roleplay, but still lots of fun!
There will be a new page for House Rules, and materials that relate to the time frame the World of Darkness games are run in. You can always reach out to the Loremaster and other Storytellers with questions. We’re looking at other conventions to run out, so if you know of any, please let us know! We’re also looking into locations in the Central Florida region for a monthly Larp that will be a different time/location that the convention larps but will still be historical.

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What we want from LARPs

Many things come to mind about what anyone would want from a LARP game and what they expect.  Some see it as the same as sitting at a table with friends over a TTRPG, and the social outlet of gaming that so many of us really love.  Some see LARPs as a Cosplay outlet to me more than just dressed up but really become the character they are dressed as.  Some use it to let the darker side bleed through in a safe and controlled setting where the character is the twisted or troubled soul and not the player.  In our World of Darkness games in most cases, you are the monster like a Vampire, and it is your choice what kind of monster you really are.  I will say we do have some limits as to how far one can go and somewhat a hold on what one should be able to say as this is to the best of our ability a safe place.

We are looking to have a good time regardless of what the LARP is or the setting, so I find it is best to try to make people happy with what they play, and I over the past 30 years have had the most joy in making others smile and have a good time.  I admit that few would have fun playing the kinds of characters I play to make that happen, but I feel that with the support of my group of Storytellers and repeat players, the stories we run are fun and welcome.  The Group that is AtSSG, are like-minded but we are not all the same, and it is that mashup of peoples that I find make the best kind of story for all.  While we are starting our fresh thanks to Covid-19, all of those on my team have many years of gaming and LARPing experience on multiple platforms and styles.

With time we plan to expand the who and what we are as AtSSG, and look forward to including all the best of the last 30 years of LARP and reenactment experience to bring you a game you want to play in over and over again.