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ConNooga 2023

The game this year is set in 1520 in Great Britain and France. Based on the summit meeting between King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France. The time this is set in the foundation of peace between England and France. This game will continue as the last to set an Alternative timeline for our World of Darkness games. The game in 2022 at Dragoncon altered some of History as King James IV of Scotland did not die at the Battle of Flodden and His son James the V now the eighth-year-old Prince is with his Mother Margaret Tudor and those of England on this Historical Trip to France.

The system we will use is the 4 books created for Larping Minds Eye by By Night Studios. We will have some Home Brew rules and modifications to fit the time in history and the storyline we have created.

The rules-based in books can be found on DrivethruRPG in multiple formats.

For a good historical Reference, this Wiki has the basic events as they happened.

To watch some of the events from a show you could check out this.

The Spanish Princess recap season 2, episode 6


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