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ConNooga Event Plans…

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Only a few more days till the event and we are packing up our kits to get ready. Here are a few things to know for those looking to play in our World of Darkness Historical LARP.

The game setting is the Field of Cloth and Gold event in Balinghem, between Ardes in France and Guines in the English Pale of Calais. Historically the summit meeting between Henry the 8th of England and King Francis 1st of France from the 7 to 24th of June 1520.

Now the world we run our game is called the World of Darkness and it is a world where Vampires, Werewolves, Magic, Monsters, and the Fae called Changelings are all real things and you are able to play in our game as one of these types of things.

We will be doing a panel at 3pm at the con on Friday to explain what LARPing is and what to expect in the World of Darkness LARPs that we run. This will include those of other LARPs as well based in the same game world.

From 6pm to 1am on Friday night, we will be running the game and this night will include at 11pm a Poetry Slam in Character as if it were a performance for the Kings gathered with a prize to the winner and other prizes for the show.

From 6pm to 1am on Saturday night, we will be running the same game as if a few days in the game had passed between the nights. At 7pm the players in our game will again be performing for the Kings in a Fashion Show, (Costume Contest). This event will also have both an in-game prize for all in it, as well as a real one for the winner. At some point, later a battle might take place in character with entertaining antics and creative use of character abilities to be rewarded. Rounding out the evening we have the Feast of Fools Event where players can publicly tell the tale of their part in the Combat to other players in the game. Watch out for flung Drachma as rewards for the stories told.

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