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Dark night and Rainy Day

The date is by our reckoning September the 16th 1068 CE.

Rain, far more rain than a good deal of time that came before. It was as if the sky looking down on the city of London and the greatest number of people within it since the Roman Legions were in full defense of the city a thousand years before. The people most were local to the lands were used to rain this time of year, it often rains in the lands of Avalon. This amount of water falling from the sky send many of the peoples of the city both new here and long time residence inside. Now you should know that I was one of those new to the lands of London myself. Only a day before my father and I arrived in London having made the journey from our Holy Roman Empire and the rest of our kin. The ship even fell under attack on the way buy men very angry with us and you know I don’t remember why. They attacked and that was foolish of them as my father and his friends set about a great fire and the beast my father called Garoun lept from our ship to the attackers and ripped them to bits. Before that day I thought my father was the only man to control the powers of the divine soul and by the tri-headed dragon, they had casters of the holy flame as well. But with my father’s friend they loosed the fires upon themselves and burned into the Sea. Sadly it seemed something had struck my father in the battle and his wound made him weak. Some of the men called Firdman were to set my father over the side as any sign of weakness seems to set them off. I loved my father, I know that is not our way normally but I would not see him tossed aside while I still had spells to master. I called on my faith and maybe it was my father aiding me or the Son of God, but the light of Lucifer the Angel of Light filled my hands and I burned the furs of the men that reached for my father. I think it was that father would soon leave the world of the living and the Celestial ones wanted me to get him to land and have him given the rites of the Holy Man he was.

Our ship did not travel the Tems and left us on a smaller boat to take to the city. On the day of travel to the city on this smaller boat, my father passed on to me all he could. The sacred words, the book of light, and the book of darkness and made me learn to words of the holy calling so I would one day find more of the blessed and call them to our order. When we hit the docks my father was taken from me by the people of the undercity. My father parting from me to be taken to his rest passed the ring of Raphael that is passed from father to son in our order. I knew so little then I assumed I would see him well again soon and my training would resume. But that was the last of my father as a mortal I would see. I had a mission of my own. I had two things to deliver and one I had been keeping safe for years, since my father had told me the magic we carried and that none of my brothers or sisters could do what we could. It really helped me back then as it kept my brothers from thrashing me as the favored son. The thing was not much more than a chunk of silver on a chain of silver. But no matter how had my kin tried they could not take it from me without pain and no matter what I did I never lost it. But the time had come for me to pass it on to another as I would finish my training with my father in London and then make a son of my own. I was to find a wife here in the city. I really did not care much for what she looked like or what family she had come from. I only carried that I would one day have a son to teach as my father had been training me. The other item was a letter. A letter for one who had the name of an Angel. I had hope that the wife and the letter person were one and the same. That was not the case. So following my father’s commands I went about the city looking it over for the sign I would need to find the one for the letter. The rain was so heavy I got lost and you know I did find the place, but not because I went the right way. Nope, because a Man walked right through a wall right in front of me and no one else had seen it. That meant magic and I had to find out what. That and get out of the rain. I walked up and there before was a door only I could see and I opened it. Words came into my mind as I passed the Door into the place that seemed to be a tavern. “Enter here ye be granted, but thou must keep to thine peace, for here be the haven granted all be they Kindred, Beastfolk, Fae, or those that command the forces of the Pillars. No action agressed, say I the Badger doth attest.”

What I could see inside froze me to the core. But I will tell you of that tomorrow.

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