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Dragoncon 2022

So for those that would like to play in a World of Darkness LARP at DragonCon 2022, we will be running our game again this year.  It will still be run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 6 pm until 2 am each night.  Because of some of the confusion with running a game in a time frame that wasn’t as well documented, we will be moving the game to a time with much more reference in the World of Darkness storyline. 

Fear not you will be able to remake your characters for the new time with your own backstory to bring you to this new age. 

For those that were not aware, the long term campaign of these larps is the Eventide in Albion. This year the date in game for Friday will be September 4th, 1513.  Saturday, September 6th, and Sunday, the 9th.

All types of WOD races that existed in the 1600s will be playable in this game and a few thought dead and gone will be as well.  This year we are introducing the option of playing a Hunter as well.

The By Night Studios books will be used for system and to make characters. Please note though, that we are bringing in other information and this campaign should be considered a Homebrew WoD setting. There will be a By Night Studios Storyteller onsite to help with any questions about gameplay and system. A few more details as to the homebrew rules will be forthcoming, but they aren’t major. 

Please message with questions about exotic types not covered in the By Night Studios books.  

Thank you

Loremaster AtSSG

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