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Dragoncon 2023

Two Funerals and a Wedding

Chapter of Eventide of Albion Chronicle

A World of Darkness Historical LARP

This year, After the Sun Sets Games, brings you a World of Darkness three-night game of Historical Gothic Horror. We welcome you, as the players, to the time of Henry the VIII of England.  This year’s event is called “Two Funerals and a Wedding”. The game will start with the planned beheading of the poor, sweet Anne Boleyn. Just to give you a taste, the players in our games have already changed history and while Anne is not one of Henry’s Wives, she still has a part to play. Charged with being a witch and other crimes against the Crown, it seems like ‘Fate’ just wants her head to roll. Will you or the other players let that happen? The game takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at Con. You can play a pre-gen character or we can help you make your own from a wide range of World of Darkness prodigals, this includes vampires, shifters, changelings, and more. This all will take place in one of the con hotels.