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Dragoncon 2024

This year’s game will be held on August 30, 31, and September 1st, from 6 pm to 2 am in the Westin Hotel on the 12th Floor as it has for years now. The table for signup and info in Mart 3 is the plan from 11 am until 5 pm on the same days. We plan to set up the table on Thursday night when gaming opens for registration. Dragoncon is set in Atlanta GA and the full event runs from the 29th of Aug – 2nd of Sep for 2024.

Our game event will be set mostly in the lands of Europe in the time of Henry the 8th. One side event for this game will be a group sent to Japan in the Oda Clans lands to check on things left over from the Momocon Game that was set in motion.

A new playable Tribe added to this DragonCon game roster is The Saide, based in the Sherwood Forest of England. Posted recently on our Patreon. They are descended from White Howlers and other Tribes saved via actions from players in our games. More info on the Tribe and building a character for it will be posted before this Dragoncon.

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