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Final Countdown!

It’s that time! Later this week, we’ll all be live, or unlife, in Atlanta, at DragonCon! It should be a fun year, and we hope to see you all there. You will need to wear a mask in convention areas, per the Convention’s rules, based on the situation in Atlanta currently. This has been done in an effort to keep all con goers safe, and just think, you should end up with a minimum amount of Concrud! We hope that you’ll join our Discord as we’ve been pretty active there in discussing ideas and characters. We’ll have storytellers available during the day to help with character creation, and some pre-mades if you wander over in the evening.

You can find us during the day for sign ups and consults near the entrance of Mart 2. In the evenings, the game will take place on the 12th floor of the Westin. Any questions you can email us.

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