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From madness to sanity

The Dragoncon 2021 game. It has been two years thanks to Covid that we have been away. So our LARP did have time to come up will things to improve our LARP from the 2019 game. It was a bit of anarchy in a good way and will have better things to help smooth out how it flows. Item cards for one will help people know what things they have to use and what they have as advantages. Rock, Paper, Scissors cards of dice for when they are needed as well will be available. The main thing is that my Storytellers will have a better understanding of what is going on to help the players find things to do in game-like side quests and of course our out-of-game events like the Scavenger hunt. If you have anything you would like to ask about the LARP for Dragoncon 2021, you can email me at Less than a month now and I really hope you all can make it.

Sam the Loremaster

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