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Getting the Ball Rolling

With Dragoncon less than two months out, we are rolling out on getting things ready. We will have games that are out of character to help gain xp for those that wish to advance their character, either created ones or those that are pre-gen by us. These little bits of merriment range from a during the day Dragoncon scavenger hunt where you take pictures or bring the items on the list or acquire items that are free for the asking or borrowing (with permission) like a D10 or 10 sided dice. By the way the scavenger hunt has a prize to the group or person that gets the most items checked off the list. Another example of an OOC add on for the LARP is a coloring contest. It will be held on Saturday and all the materials will be provided. The judge will award not only xp for the work, but the chosen will get a prize as well from us at AtSSG.

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