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Hope all had a great time with us at Dragoncon

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Dragoncon 2021, wow…

So it all starts at 10am on Friday when we set up the table in Mart 1. The area is a pain to get around and parking is a bit, but once we were set it all goes well. With the table set up, we had players waiting to join in and several to make characters. Finding old friends and making new ones is how this all works and what I want from this. Around 5pm we start to pack up and move to the 12th floor of the Westin where we set up for our game in rooms 1-3. Then played the game starting around 7pm until at least 3am. Then did it all again on Saturday and Sunday. We have lots of new players and I feel that most had a good time. Planing for the next con has started and we are live on our Discord game group. Looking to soon build a World Anvil game for those that have more time than sense… Thank you to all that were with us and I hope to see you next year.

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