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Message from Harkin

Ello, I is Harkin. Who are you? O, ok, nice ta meeting you. Yes Harkin is a Son of Cain. Hmm no Cain is not Harkin sire, his name is much harder for Harkin to say. No Ulfsdottir is Harkins sister not sire. Yes, Harkin is Odinson, as Harkin Sire was The All-High. No Harkin was not a Walkurie, but did sleep in same den with Ulfsdottir and her sisters before the Fenrir Wars. Harkins left so Harkin would not make dead on his Rine Kin, Fenrir were good to Harkin before embrace when Harkin was still Snow Wolf Kin. Lion told Harkin da to send Harkin away before a big fight to come and Harkin and ma left with other kinfolk to lands now York to see Harkins kin. Harkin tribe fell to Yormingonder and grew up without wolf kin in now called York. When Harkin a man and look like Harkin now, home was raided by Odin and his kin for some of females of Harkins kin. Guess Harkin sisters and mother make good shield maiden or Odin not take our home. When all dead not given Loki kiss, Harkin was last to get kiss from Odin. Then Odin give his blood to Harkin when only last still breathing. Later Harkin wakes as Harkin is now. Gangrel is Clan and Harkin long time as is. Harkin was given task from Sire to guard the flock and this is Harkin job for long time. Making many friends Harkin has in long time since Romans. Harkin help build many cities, fight beasty things bigger then Harkin. Harkin even make sire and have other lost kin like Harkin follow Harkin is keeping Flock. But Harkin had to go on Quest with Harkins friends. Quest to find long lost thing to help fix a Harkin friend that be broken. Hmm This is why Harkin telling new friend Harkin story. Is looking for dead thing called Horn of Joshua. Yes is like the Shophar, this is why Harkin is asking the Sons of David. Ok Harkin wait for to check with others, but if not back when Sól wakes and she marches off to battle Harkin will sink into this nice dirt and sleep. This is good for Harkin? Hmm Harkin is greatful and will wait for Son of David.

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