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MomoCon 2024

Plan for Momocon 2024

An all-ages Geek Culture Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, May 24-27th 2025

Located @ Georgia World Congress Center

Access to play in this game can be found in this Patreon Shop.

or here on our webstore.  

Three nights of play, May 24, 25, & 26th

There will be a sign up table for the game set up where the other LARPs are setup from 11am till 5-5:30pm for our games.  

The LARP will take place in the GWCC Program Room 7pm – midnight.  With setup starting I hope at 6pm.

This is so you can get your game membership in and be added to the roster for our event in 2024. A few other things will also be available online before and after the event. All players buying in here will receive a Grab Bag from AtSSG at Momocon. This will include an event marker crafted by Loremaster like all events, 1 Drachma Coin, and a random item of jewelry or something like Rune Dice. For those who wish to make a character with ST approval for the ability of the exotic and or the strange, a small upgrade is possible as well. (Character Plot Upgrade) All things covered in the following BNS books are possible for play in this LARP Event at MomoCon 2024, though all characters must be approved by Loremaster.

This is not a V5 LARP game. All rules for play are in the following game books.

Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade

Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse

Mind’s Eye Theatre: Changeling the Dreaming

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