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MomoCon Atlanta GA

Thu, May 25, 2023 – Sun, May 28, 2023

In-Game Date: March 15th 1534, the location is Owari Province Japan and is ruled over by Oda Nobuhide. Wile a great battle is taking place in the city the Oda family hold power of the child of Oda Nobuhide spoken of in a prophecy a hundred years before is about to be born. Enemy forces of the darkest kinds seek to keep this chosen child from taking even his first breath. Nobuhide tries everything he can and calls in markers from his families past, his allies, and all those under his control to stop the dark forces from taking his child’s life.
A guardian spirit of the Oda family is summoned and a pact is made. The powerful spirit opens a portal into the very walls of the inner palace to another realm. Oda Minato, a half brother to Nobuhide and a Shadowlord Garou offers up his life in sacrifice to enter the portal and be used to call on the forces of Gaia to aid his Noble House. Wile his wife and daughter plead with him not to go, the noble Minato leaps threw the portal of the Mokle Spirit of his ancestors and vanishes.
With the portal open and many offering praise to both Minato and the ancestors the dark forces attack the South side of the castle and over the top of the wall climbs an Oni, the named Shuten Dōji.

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