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Premium Characters to play!

Being that we are a historicalish larp, we’ve added some people that are documented in histories, both of our world and the prodigal one. I’ll list them here, and you’ll see them on a separate page with cost. They include a yearly AtSSG membership and are boosted xp characters, with a plot upgrade built in.

You can see them and find out more on this page or contact Loremaster on Discord or in email.


  • Duchess Liria Dedor, Camarilla Prince of France, Clan Malkavian
  • Lady Evangeline Geroti, Sabbat Bishop of Lyon, Daughters of Cacophony
  • Lady Sylvie Corriveau, France Justicar, Clan Brujah (True)
  • Sir Brock Delforge, Knight of the Blood, Clan Ventrue
  • Fatima Al-Faqadi, Guardian, Clan Assamite


  • King Francis I of France, Alpha of Pack, Silver Fang
  • Lord Gerome Dieulafoy, French Ambassador to England, Corax
  • Shadowsfalling (aka Silvia De Venvor), Ashringa Metis Born


Jean Mouston, Composer for France, Satyr of House Eiluned

Francois II de Las Tremouille, Vicomete of Thouars, Troll of House Aesin

Scrag the Bloodhound, Huntsman, Redcap

Louis II, Count of Montpensier, Comte – House of Bourbon


Ventura Badolato, Judgement Path

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