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So close I can feel the love.

So we are down to the two-week mark for Dragoncon, this time on the 2nd those of us from outside GA hope to be all checked in our hotels and out seeing the people.  Many of us have not seen each other in two years thanks to Covid.  I know I will miss many of the Hugs normally given on that day thanks to this Wyrm Tainted sickness.  On that note, Dragoncon has updated the rules for us to follow.  Most of you will know this by now but some of you have lives and might not have seen it yet…  So first we are required to wear masks when moving about or in close groups of people.  So for my players, you should plan to have a mask ready on you at all times.  The newest thing is that they are requiring that you show proof that you have been Vaxed or prove Covid Neg on a test within 72 hours of when you go to pick up your badge.  So at the latest schedule now for places near you like CVS or Walgreens to get the test and they email or text you your results normally within 24 hours.  You will have to show that info if not having a vax card.  Sorry guys, but deal with restrictions or we don’t have a Con, well Mask me up, and let’s party.  I really hope all are healthy and have no issues with the rules so we can get together and have a good time.  

Thank you


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