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The next Game is ConNooga 2023

Greetings all Members and Friends of AtSSG Larps. We are all set to run our next event at Con Nooga on February 17 and 18th from 6pm till 2am each of those nights at the Chattanooga Convention Center. 1 Carter St, Chattanooga, TN 37402

In the setting of the early 1600s England and under the Rule of Henry the 8th, you will be able to gather as one of the Prodigals of the World of Darkness once again. Vampires both Sabbat and Camarilla, Werewolves and other Fera types, Changelings, Mages, and even the Hunters that keep them in check. Over on our Shop Page you can find the membership for this event for the cost of $25 you can play a character on our game for both nights. As a Member of AtSSG there is a discounted rate of $5 off all of our games including this one. Membership can also be found on the same page. Other upgrades are also located there. Come and join us for this event if you dare…

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