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Our homebrew historical version of the World of Darkness, with events that have evolved through time and roleplay. Join us as a prodigal being, aka vampires, both Sabbat and Camarilla, Werewolves and other Fera types, Changelings, Mages, and even the Hunters that keep them in check.

Dragoncon 2024

This year’s game will be held on August 30, 31, and September 1st, from 6 pm to 2 am in the Westin Hotel on the 12th Floor as it has for years now. The table for signup and info in Mart 3 is the plan from 11 am until 5 pm on the same days. We plan to set up the table on Thursday night when gaming opens for registration. Dragoncon is set in Atlanta GA and the full event runs from the 29th of Aug – 2nd of Sep for 2024.

Our game event will be set mostly in the lands of Europe in the time of Henry the 8th. One side event for this game will be a group sent to Japan in the Oda Clans lands to check on things left over from the Momocon Game that was set in motion.

A new playable Tribe added to this DragonCon game roster is The Saide, based in the Sherwood Forest of England. Posted recently on our Patreon. They are descended from White Howlers and other Tribes saved via actions from players in our games. More info on the Tribe and building a character for it will be posted before this Dragoncon.

The Chattanooga TN Convention Center

The setting is the late 1600s, and you will be interacting with the events of that time period and can even change history.

Past Events

Dragoncon 2023 – August 31st – September 4th 2023

Downtown Atlanta GA across several hotels and the Mart 2 & 3 Buildings.

The year in the game is 1536 and starts out on the first night on the 18th of May. The in-game location is the City of London.

A multi-type World of Darkness Game. The setting for this Historical Based LARP is the final days of Anne Boleyn: why did she die? On 19 May 1536, Queen Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII, was executed by beheading within the confines of the Tower of London. She’d been queen for just three years.
Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife, was found guilty of high treason by a jury of her peers in the king’s hall at the Tower on 15 May 1536. She was executed by decapitation on 19 May 1536 – and is thought to have been around 35 years old at the time.
Queen Anne had been charged with having sexual relationships with five courtiers, including her brother, George Boleyn (aka Lord Rochford), and the king’s good friend and groom of the stool, Sir Henry Norris. According to the indictments, not only had she slept with these men (as a result of her “frail and carnal appetites”), but she had also conspired with them to kill her husband, the king.

2023 Event Badge for Dragoncon – is required to play in this event.

Schedule for the LARP.

Signup table and Quest Central AmericasMart Building 3

Thur – 4pm to 8pm ish

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am till 5pm

Monday 10am till 3pm

The Larp is held normally in the Westin on the 12th Floor

Friday 6pm to 2am

Saturday 6pm to 2am

Sunday 6pm to 4am

Necronomicon Tampa 2023 September 22nd through Sunday, September 24th

Location – Embassy Suites USF, 3705 Spectrum Blvd. Tampa, FL 33612, (813) 977-7066

This year’s event from After the Sun Sets Games brings you a World of Darkness two-night game of Historical Horror. This year has you, the players, as part of the historical times of Henry the 8th of England. We will call it “Three Castles on Fire”. The game starts with an event held in Abergele Wales at Gwrych Castle. A gathering of factions and powerful peoples of the time. Due to changes in our history’s timeline, the event is to celebrate the birth of Arthur II Tudor the son of Henry 8th and Jane Seymour now age three. While the players in our games have already changed history going as far back as the founding of London, Jane is not one of Henry’s Wives, but now a son has been born and is healthy along with the mother, Henry plans to marry her at this event and name young Arthur the Prince of Wales just like Henry’s Brother. But wait! As it has been in the past years, the players in our games can indeed change history to be their story. Come over and join us for our mixed Prodigal, World of Darkness Game.

2023 Event Badge for Necronomicon Science Fiction Convention – Tampa, Fl is required to play in this event

MomoCon 2023 – May 25 – 28, 2023

Atlanta, GA Georgia World Congress Ctr

March 15th, 1534, the location is Owari Province Japan, and is ruled over by Oda Nobuhide. While a great battle is taking place in the city the Oda family holds power over the child of Oda Nobuhide spoken of in a prophecy a hundred years before is about to be born. Enemy forces of the darkest kinds seek to keep this chosen child from taking even his first breath. Nobuhide tries everything he can and calls in markers from his family’s past, his allies, and all those under his control to stop the dark forces from taking his child’s life.
A guardian spirit of the Oda family is summoned and a pact is made. The powerful spirit opens a portal into the very walls of the inner palace to another realm. Oda Minato, a half-brother to Nobuhide and a Shadowlord Garou offers up his life in sacrifice to enter the portal and be used to call on the forces of Gaia to aid his Noble House. While his wife and daughter plead with him not to go, the noble Minato leaps threw the portal of the Mokle Spirit of his ancestors and vanishes.
With the portal open and many offering praise to both Minato and the ancestors the dark forces attack the South side of the castle and over the top of the wall climbs an Oni, named Shuten Dōji.

The Chattanooga TN Convention Center

The year is 1520, and you will be interacting with the events of that time period and can even change history.

England is under the rule of Henry VII, but unlike our history, James IV of Scotland won the Battle of Flodden, thereby shifting the balance of power. Cardinal Woolsey has been successful in getting Henry and the new King of France, Francis I, to the treaty table, which is all the more important with James alive.

Necronomicon 2022 – Crisis Averted?!

Tampa, Florida

The city of Oxford was attacked by a fire-wielding skeletal horde! Whence did this strange circumstance arise? It seems it was all a cunning distraction to hide an attack on the Oxford Chantry, to steal away some of its rare mystical knowledge and artifacts. The attack seemingly failed, but much of the city will need to be rebuilt and grief for the lost citizens during the most holy Christmas time. What evil could have wrought this?

DragonCon 2022 – Triumph!

Atlanta, Georgia

The vile kindred Tanit, who swore to kill every childer of Mithras, was defeated at last through great difficulty and trials. Still pockets of other magic and evil swirl about the city of London, even while new powers emerge and the old ways seek to find ways to survive in a ‘modern’ world.

Dragoncon 2021 – Achieved!

Thank you all for a successful event this year! The first LARP in two years with the Covid monster hovering. The storytellers have had meeting where we went over the good and the bad. Learning from the past is key to our success. It was great in a bittersweet way to have to turn away players since the hotel had room caps with Covid. However, plans are already being developed for 2022! We’ll be developing this website further and encouraging connections on out Discord.

For those that are curious, here was the set up and story framing.