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Past Events

Necronomicon 2022 – Crisis Averted?!

Tampa, Florida

The city of Oxford was attacked by fire wielding skeletal horde! Whence did this strange circumstance arise? It seems it was all a cunning distraction to hide an attack on the Oxford Chantry, to steal away some of its rare mystical knowledge and artifacts. The attack seemingly failed, but much of the city will need to be rebuilt and grief for the lost citizens during the most holy Christmas time. What evil could have wrought this?

DragonCon 2022 – Triumph!

Atlanta, Georgia

Dragoncon 2021 – Achieved!

Thank you all for a successful event this year! The first LARP in two years with the Covid monster hovering. The storytellers have had meeting where we went over the good and the bad. Learning from the past is key to our success. It was great in a bittersweet way to have to turn away players since the hotel had room caps with Covid. However plans are already being developed for 2022! We’ll be developing this website further and encouraging connections on out Discord.

For those that are curious, here was the set up and story framing.