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We are still going to do this.

So it looks like some things are going to be in effect for this year’s Dragoncon and I think that it’s not so bad. We will have to wear a mask and do a lot fewer close interactions for this year. But this is a LARP not sitting at a table, we will be fine with a few feet between us. Just fewer hugs going around. Food and Drinks. Well, this is more of an issue. Here is how it is going to work. Only one person (us) will be able to be effectively a bartender and serve drinks to those that ask for it and only pre and fully wrapped snacks, so no pizza or hotdogs. Best if you have your own medieval mug for your drinks or we will have solo cups. Soda, Ice Tea from Publix or the like, and maybe something someone brings in but no Alchaholic Drinks will be coming from us (AtSSG). If you bring drinks from somewhere else please do not share with others like in 2019 as we could have issues. The membership to our LARP will be the only cost for what we will have unless they tell us not to even do that. I think we will all still have a good time even with how things are going. For no come join us on Discord and let’s get into the story.

Hope you all can make it and join us.


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