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Welcome to the countdown.

Dragoncon in Atlanta GA in just seven days. We the people of After the Sun Sets Games have come to answer your prayers. Thanks to Covid, we missed you all in 2020, and are biting at the throat to bring you back to the past with us. Back to the end of the Viking age in the World of Darkness, for my world is far more fun than staying home. For many the Wine has no taste, the same old foods sicken you, and there seems no reason for any of it to continue. So go on with your Vaccinated Self, and rise up from your couches where you can binge-watch no more. Join us at Dragoncon and explore the past and maybe even change it based on your actions. What if Willaim of Normandy died at the Battle of Exeter in 1068 CE? Gytha could have places her remaining son on the throne with Henry IV daughter as his wife. What would be changed? Would the Camarilla even had been born if one of the driving forces behind it had not risen with the rise of Willaim? What if we can give it all back to you? The escape from your day-to-day work? Maybe an escape from your kids as you leave them with family and come and play with us? Let us pluck out the pain and give you another life. One of magic, horror, battle, and adventure that will continue not only at Dragoncon for years to come but possibly at conventions across the USA as part of the MES? We will see. We are giving you the choice, we never had.

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