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  • The game is played on the evenings of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 7 pm and ending around 3 am.
  • Players must have a Dragoncon Membership to play.
  • Registration to play in the LARP is held during the day.
  • A fee is required to play in this LARP to cover materials.
  • Token for AtSSG are a boost to players in the LARP and grant extra items, quests, other perks.
  • Players are required to follow the rules of the Con and LARP.
  • Food and drink are welcome and some are available at LARP.
  • The staff is not responsible for your items.
  • Props for the game are to stay at the LARP.  Character pack is yours to take with you and bring back each day.
  • Artifact Cards are your to keep we have backup info one them.

Sunset to Sunrise is a Live Action Role Playing Game set in the World of Darkness setting by White Wolf Games and Onix Publishing.

With hope, this will be able to run every year at Dragoncon starting in 2019. Located in Atlanta Georgia at the Westin Hotel. We have a Lead Storyteller called Loremaster, with the help of several other tale crafters to continue and further the storylines we create as well as develop several for themselves as the story unfolds.

Rules for this game are in the system published by –

Copies of the books can be bought online at this location.

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