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World of Darkness

What is the

World of Darkness?

In 1991 Mark Rein-Hagen created Vampire: the Masquerade and a new style of gaming was born. Over the years it has evolved, grown and shifted. It now includes table top, card games, computer games and larping. While the World of Darkness is owned by Onyx Path Publishing. The Larping/Mind’s Eye Theatre side is run by By Night Studios. If you’re here though, you probably know all this.

After the Sun Sets Games WoD Setting

There is so much rich storytelling in history that AtSSG has chosen to set all their WoD games in the past. Generally we focus on historical time period roleplay. In consideration of the era, there are some changes to mechanics and lore from the modern context that most of the WoD material focuses on. This is a home brew’ version. As Vampire and now Hunter moves into 5th Edition, it seems that Onyx Path is not currently updating all the other prodigals (eg Changeling, Changing Breeds, etc). The system we use for larping mechanics is based in the MET/By Night Studios system. We utilize many resources as we can to create our stories, true history, folklore, White Wolf references and writers, and other materials that suit the needs of our efforts. We will try to break down some of the differences as we can on each of the Prodigal pages as we develop them..

We are available to run LARPS in this context at conventions or other events.

Resources for Character Information for After the Sun Sets Games Setting