Changelings and True Fae

The Dark Ages

The historical setting for our games starts in the 1060’s CE, a time of great change and the end of the Viking Age.  Years past, the great fae exodus left few behind in the world.  As the new forms of faith and technology of the medieval age evolves so too must the Fae.  So comes the Changeling, a Fae soul within a mortal body.  While this is a great limitation on the powers a Fae can wield, the ability to move about mostly undetected, is the best chance they have to remain in the mortal realm.  Banality is still an concern and the weapons of man have grown stronger, but as the Viking age comes to an end, the Fae, now Changelings will carry on. 

Most Changelings are young in spirit but as they can join with an adult body as well as a new born child they are well on the way to a good life.  Many powerful and terrifying Beasts still move about and influence the people.  Elders like the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, a powerful water inanimae, Morgan le Fay, the sidhe queen of Avalon (Ireland), and Oberon the Mad, a troll that rules over most of Scotland.  Though the elders are out there, they do little to affect the day to day life of Changelings.

In the pre-medieval gameplay, there is a large range of changelings to chose from. They are: Boggan, Eshu, Redcap, Satye, Sidhe, Sluagh, and Troll are all Prime playable and in the setting are greatest in number.  The Beta playable are the Inanimae, Clurichaun, Piskies, Selkies, Gillhe Dhu, and Oba.  The Beta playable are by Loremaster approval and are an extra cost upgrade as they are free to go without attachment and are few in number.  The Alpha playable True Fae, are even more rare like the Alfar or Elf, Svartálfar or Dark Elf, Nøkken or water shapeshifter, Dvergr or Dwarf, and the Jötunn or Giant.  Only one of each type can be played in an event at a time by players.  Most often used by Storytellers to drive the Changelings to action.  The Alpha playable is double the cost to play then the Beta playable as they have the same freedoms, but have to be written into the game story to explain why they are in story line…

While the Darker versions of the Changelings listed like the Boggart are possible the approval of the Loremaster is required.  That is not to say an Unseelie Boggan is an issue, but the altered versions of them are.