House Rules

Time Frame

The convention games that After the Sun Sets Games will be running are all based in historical settings with some leniency for story flow and various inspirational material. Bear in mine that the time frame might affect the Classes/Clans/Kiths/Tribes etc that you are familiar with in modern games. We are more than willing to talk about ideas, concepts or concerns that you might have. We have tried to keep to the lore that is accessible and combine it with our concept.

So with that a few notes on the different prodigals and house rules.

At this point in time, in 1068, the door to Arcadia is being forcibly held open but it is not so easy to pass. Many fae are living the war torn lands of Arcadia for the mortal world to be born as Changelings. Naturally there have been some that have never left, and some true fae are dying out. The mortal form you find yourself in could be a child, or a full adult. Your seeming determines how human you seem to others and how much of your mortal life you’re able to recall and salvage (if you chose). The human soul could be ousted and end up as a piskey though so be careful.

At this point in time, a fae soul be re-incarnated, this will be the case in this game for a while as that changes much later in time.

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