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House Rules

AtSSG LARP House Rules for our games.

All of the Golden Rules.  Plus

  1.  As our games are set in the Late Middle Ages the playable types are both expanded to include those lost in time as well as a limitation on the ones not yet created.  
  1. Due to things in the game the Changelings only take only ½  damage from Banality that they would in times after the Middle Ages.
  1. The Camarilla and the Sabbat do exist, but the Camarilla is relatively new.  The territory is not globally regulated and in many places, there is no Masquerade.  The people living in areas with many Vampires tend to know about them and strive to live normal lives.
  1. Save for the Form known as Crinos the forms of Fera and Garou do not cause Delirium.
  1. Those of the Pagan Faiths (Anglo-Saxon paganism, Druid, and other Celtic Faiths) are on average aware of the Prodigals of the World of Darkness.  Basic knowledge of the Fae, Vampires, and Beastfolk like Garou are within childhood learning.  Delirium and Fae arts work less to hide things, but abilities like Inglenook, Revelry, Sovereign, or Talecraft are easier to use and work far better than those of non-pagan faiths.
  1. All Changelings gain the Realm Actor for free and if it is the given of their type may choose any other.
  1. The Computer skill as this is the Dark Ages or before, is changed to be Enigmas.
  1. The Drive Skill is used for things like chariots, wagons, and any kind of skill-mounted riding.
  1. The Firearms skill is used for any Ranged Attacks like Archery or Thrown Weapons.
  1. Herbalism and Alchemy are both Science Skills.
  1. What can be played changes over time in this LARP and is posted for changes before each Convention. Exotics and Uneque types instead of buying them as a background, are done at a cost of Plot Upgrades to be added to the Story to account for the difficulty to be used in this game.  Please check with Loremaster for the list and level of upgrades
  1. Myrrdin’s Safe Haven Tavern is a multi-location Elesum for all kinds of Prodigals.  No hostile actions can be taken in this location via magic bindings.  AKA Moody Badger Tavern in London Location.

• Each Dragoncon sets the time in history and the story base for the rest of the year. Different
conventions will have set events happening on them, with some story RP done through Discord
throughout the year.

• Current Conventions that we are running at: Dragoncon, Necrocon, Momocon. Connooga: In the past,
not a guarantee in future conventions.

Character Creation:

  • General to all Players –
    • All Characters start off with the base XP from the books (30XP) plus an additional 25XP due to
    historical LARP.
    • Increments of 10XP can be purchased for an additional 5$. Up to 200XP can be purchased in this
    • For Primogens, Pack Alphas, or Noble Changlings with freeholds, please run these character ideas by
    either Loremaster or one of the Storytellers.
    • Merits and Flaws: All characters can have up to 10 points in Merits and 12 points in Flaws. The Rarity
    Merit is not used in this game.
    • All characters created by players will start the game with 1 Drachma Coin (See below section on Drachma),
    their character sheet, and access to the discord page.
    • Races currently that can be played: Vampires (Some Clans restricted at this time), Garou, Fera, and
    • All other Prodigals are currently with Loremaster approval at this time. Includes: Hunters, Mummy,
    Fallen, and Mages.
    • Wraiths are not playable currently.
  • Vampires:
    • Generation: All Vampires start out at 11th generation, unless you buy down your Generation Background
    with starting XP.
    • Mentor: All custom characters will start with 1 free point in Mentor Background.
    • Domain: This is physical territory and almost always is within a town or city. • Garou:
    • Totem: Can only be acquired when three or more Garou/Fera form a pack and pick one. These can only
    be granted through RP, and not at character creation.
    • Rank: All characters start out with one dot in rank and can buy up to 3 with starting XP. Rank 4 or 5 can
    only be bought with added XP after the base + 25XP by using XP upgrades or gained in roleplay. • Changeling:
    • As of Dragoncon 2023, Shadow Court is available for characters to choose as a court.
    • The Actor Realm is free to all Changelings due to the Faiths of the NPCS
    • Fae Houses are not the same as modern times. Descriptions and Information for the houses used have
    come from the Arcadia ST book. If more information is needed, please see Loremaster or one of the
    Changeling STs
    • If two players play a paired Sidhe and Piskey, they will start off with an additional 10XP each.
    • Title: This Background can only be granted to a character and can not be bought with XP. This comes
    through RP.

Earning XP:
• 5 XP is given each night during Dragoncon for players to add to their characters for the next night. Total of 15
XP if all 3 nights are attended.
• Players that take an active part in RP events and social group interactions that happen on Discord will gain 5XP per month.
• Additional XP and Plot Upgrades can be awarded by variety of quests/games/random events that
Storytellers give out, or has been announced (Examples: Turin in Dad Jokes, Writing and reading poetry
for poetry contest, LARP Scavenger hunt, Storyteller ran mini-quests
• At each Dragoncon, Returning Players who were not at any Cons between Dragoncons will receive 20XP. (edited)

Drachma Coins at Live Games:
• In-game currency that can be used in a few different ways. Can be purchased for $5 each.

• Can be used to gain access to the Drinks and Snacks table at LARP when these things are available
• Can be used to buy an in-game magic potion from the Myrrddin Safe Haven Tavern for character use (Types vary for each event)
• Can be used as a free retest vs a test with an AtSSG Storytelller
• Can be turned into a Storyteller for a clue on a scene or towards solving a puzzle.
• Can be used to bribe other players to aid in an endeavor of any king.
• Can be gathered and traded for item upgrades in game or to acquire an artifact to use for that event.
• Three or more coins can be used to obtain a story upgrade for a character to affect the event it is played in.
• Three coins can be used to buy a potion card that can be used in game up to 5 times to refill power points used in game (Blood, Gnosis,
Glamour, etc)
• Can be kept as a keepsake or can be saved and used at any other AtSSG event.

Time Frame

The convention games that After the Sun Sets Games will be running are all based in historical settings with some leniency for story flow and various inspirational material. Bear in mind that the time frame might affect the Classes/Clans/Kiths/Tribes etc that you are familiar with in modern games. We are more than willing to talk about ideas, concepts, or concerns that you might have. We have tried to keep to the lore that is accessible and combine it with our concept.

So with that a few notes on the different prodigals and house rules.

Early games were the time of the shattering.


The Interregnum

As years turned into decades, then into centuries, the changelings adapted to their cruel world. Those that were able huddled around the rare balefires while others made their way the best they could. Some kith fared better than others; nockers did especially well as the paradigm of science began to wrest control from the Church, but each kith found its niche, even as they do today. At first, they remained in their familiar feudal system, but as the merchant class became ascendant, commoner associations began to reflect the change. Leaders were styled mayors, aldermen, or generals, and the courts became assemblies. In many cases, changelings dispensed with leadership roles altogether, living in egalitarian motleys.