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Mages and Hunters

16th Century CE- Britain and Ireland

What does it mean to be created in God’s image? And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. – Genesis 1:26

Belief shapes the world. Things are the way they are because people believe them to be so. Mages are individuals who have made contact with a Higher Self, a Mystic Self they call the Daemon. The Daemon allows them to impose their personal will directly on reality, shaped and channelled by ritual and the personal belief system, or paradigm, of the mage. Thus there are as many ways of practising magic as their are practitioners of the art, though as most mages understand magic through the lens of their culture and mystic beliefs, they join one of the Mystick Traditions, groups of mages whose paradigms agree with one another.  In this LARP set in the past, we have set it so Mages can be a playable type but are limited in number for the small setting we are using.  Mages can wield a great amount of power and as friend or foe, they can effect the game in grand ways that few other things can match.  

In the setting we are using the the building of a Base for all Mages to hold fast to.  Each of the Traditions are granted to send two members of their type to a gathering in Birmingham.  Here were the De Birmingham family rule a city of the most manufacturing of Iron goods and the Guild of the Holy Cross (Birmingham), see to the care of the peoples faith and health.  With a good number of peoples from all over gathering here to make a new home and the lack of both Vampires and Fae, the Council of Nine have set this place as one were mages can gather and work with a section of the Chirch and not fear them and their hunters.  

It would seem that The Red Order of Hunters and the Local Mages are working together mostly in research of the varied Prodigals of the Islands locally.

Mages will be allowed in a limited number, no more than two of any of these Cabals. One will be the Master and the other the Apprentice.

Ahl-i-Batin, Akashic Brotherhood, Artificers, Cabal of Pure Thought, Celestial Masters, Chakravanti, Choeur Celeste, Craftmasons, Dream-Speakers, High Guild, Hippocratic Circle, Ksirafai, Order of Hermes, Seers of Chronos, Solificati, Verbena, Void Seekers

The Hunters Guild or Guild of the Holy Cross was a medieval religious guild in BirminghamEngland. It was founded in 1392 by three burgesses of the town – John Coleshill, John Goldsmith and William atte Slowe – in place of an attempt to found a chantry in the parish church of St Martin in the Bull Ring, that had been licensed ten years earlier but never came into effect.

The Guild had several roles within the town. The majority of its income was spent maintaining priests and a chantry at St Martin’s, but it also maintained almshouses, roads and the bridge over the River Rea at Deritend. Its hall on New Street provided a social focus for the town, with feasting and the provision of a clock, chimes and a bell turret It had a number of paid officials including a warden, a clerk, an organist, a keeper of the hall and gardens, a midwife and a bellman – one of whose jobs was to announce when the spit ceased to turn at feasts.  These officials had a high degree of status within the town: a list of twenty nine leading men of Birmingham in 1482 placed the Master of the Guild above the High Bailiff of the borough.

All Hunters are from the Dark Ages: Inquisitor book and must be from the Red Order.

All Hunter character must meet with the Loremasters Aprovial and are made with the base character build plus 50 extra xp and not the normal 25. By be advised your character is likly to be killed in any event so you might want to plan a backup character for such.