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16th Century CE – Britain and Ireland

During this era, there will be the first forging of the Sabbat and the Camarilla in Britain and Ireland for all of the Eventide in Albion games of AtSSG. The Sabbat are based in the far western parts of Britain, to include the lands of Wales, the West Country, and down to Lands End.

In Oxford, the newly established Camarilla brings a shift as elder vampires must make a choice. Either ally with the Camarilla or the Sabbat, or leave the Islands to those who remain.

No faction has dominion over London, as the growing metropolis could be claimed by either, since it has been home for kindred of many kinds for over 500 years.

During this time frame, World of Darkness LARPs have a wider range of clans to choose from, though some of them are limited to only two per event.

Daughters of Cacophony
Followers of Set


Vampires in the Dark Ages (DragonCon 2019/21)

The historical setting for our games ranges from the Viking Age to early Dark Ages.  No true organization of vampires exists like in the Dark Medieval period to come and all that follows.  Many powerful and terrifying Elders still move about and influence mortal and vampire alike. Elders like Dracon of Clan Tzimisce, Mithras of Clan Ventrue, and Harkin Odinson of Clan Gangrel.  Though the elders are out there, they do little to affect the night to night life of a vampire of 9th Generation or lower.  

With that the players in our Eventide in Albion, World of Darkness LARPs have a range of Vampire clans to choose from.  In the pre-medieval gameplay the clans are as follows, Brujah, Cappadocian, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, and Ventrue are Common Playable and in the setting are the greatest in number.  The Uncommon Playable clans are the Daughters of Cacophony, Lasombra, and Tzimisce.  They are only a few dollars more to play at ($5) The Rare Playable are Storyteller approval and are Assamite, True Brujah, Followers of Set, Gargoyle, and Lhiannan for the cost upgrade of ($8) as they are far less in number if our game settings. The Restricted Playable clans are even more rare of Salubri and Tremere and in most games, no more than one can be played at a time unless a sire/childer pairing is the reason.  The Restricted playable is a cost of ($15) extra to play but have to be written into the game story to explain why they are in storyline…

Baali clan will never be playable other than as an AtSSG storyteller.  The Ravnos Clan will not be a playable one until the timeline of the Sunset to Sunrise LARPs move past the year 1197 CE.  

Character Creation Rules

Starting Characters are made by the book rules and for start of game at an event an additional 25xp are added. Additional XP can be acquired in several ways.

Merits/Flaws – Rarity Merit is not used as it has a cost buy.

All characters can have up to 10 points in Merits and 12 points in flaws. The Dark Ages is a hard time to live in. Please check with a Storyteller before spending leftover flaw points for approval of Flaws.


Generation – All start before the buy of this Background at 11th Generation.
Mentor – All custom characters start with one free point in the Mentor Background.
Domain – Is physical territory, almost always within a town or city.