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Werewolves and Fera

16th Century CE – Britain and Ireland

After a devastating war of rage and claws, the remaining packs of fera and garou are scattered and broken. Only with the aid from Edward Stafford, third Duke of Buckingham, also a Silver Fang, is the conflict finally ended and a peace of sorts, established to protect those that remain. Even Garou from very far off lands are granted safety in the lands held by the Duke. Now if only he can hold this position, with all the many issues with Henry the 8th, do the FERA of the Briton’s have a chance.

Playable Garou tribes:

Black Furies, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Warders of Man (Pre-cursor to Glasswalkers), Red Talons, Shadow Lords, Silent Striders, Silver Fangs, Stargazers, Uktena, Wendigo

Playable Fera (Based on By Night Studios and some outside materials:

Ajaba, Ananasi, Apis, Ashringa, Bastet, Camazotz, Corax, Grondr, Gurahl, Kitsune, Manx (were-otter or seal), Nagah, Nuwisha, Ratkin, Rokea

Garou and Fera in the Dark Ages (DragonCon 2019/2021)

The historical setting for our games starts in the 1060’s CE, a time of great change and the end of the Viking Age.  No true organization of tribes exists like in the Dark Medieval period to come and all that follows.  Many powerful and terrifying Beasts still move about and influence the people.  Elders like George the Mokolé, Wendol the Guarahl, and Hod Odinson, the Fenrir.  Though the elders are out there, they do little to affect the day to day life of a werebeast.  

With that the players in our Eventide in Albion, World of Darkness LARPs have a range of Tribes to choose from.  In the medieval gameplay the clans are as follows, Garou tribes of Black Furies, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Fenrir, Fianna, Shadow Lords, and the Warders of Men, Silver Fangs, Silent Striders, and Stargazers.  As well as the Fera types of Corax, Ratkin, Kitsune (Irish) and Tecolotes (Owl). The Rare Playable are Storyteller approval and are Bastet, Gurahl, Rokea (H), Red Talons (L), Camazotz, Grondr, and Naga, for the cost upgrade of as they are far less in number if our game settings. The Restricted Playable Tribes are even more rare of Ajaba, Ananasi, Apis, Mokole, and Lutrinae (Otter) and in most games, no more than one can be played at a time unless a parent and child pairing is the reason.  The Restricted playable but have to be written into the game story to explain why they are in storyline…

The rest of the changing breeds or werebeasts are not possible in the historical Sunrise to Sunset Games until the in game time is past 1480 CE.  

In the 2021 Dragoncon Eventide in Albion game, had the ability to play an Advanced Kinfolk character of the White Howlers, was made possible for up to four players with two having been made as pre-gens.  They had a set task to complete by the end of the 2021 Dragoncon Event or be lost to the Wyrm or food for Prince Dio, the Vampire ruler of the British Isles in 1060’s CE.

Character Creation Rules

Starting Characters are made by the book rules and for start of game at an event an additional 25xp are added.  Additional XP can be acquired in several ways.

Merits/Flaws – Rarity Merit is not used as it has a cost buy.

All characters can have up to 10 points in Merits and 12 points in flaws.  The Dark Ages is a hard time to live in.  Please check with a Storyteller before spending leftover flaw points for approval of Flaws.

Totem – Can only be acquired when three or more Garou/Fera for a pack and pick one. No cost at character build only in RP granted.
Rank – All characters start with one dot in Rank and can buy up to 3 in base xp, 4 or 5 only with added xp after base +25xp build.